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PGSharp for Ingress

One of the earliest games that included augmented reality was Ingress. As a result, the game is tailored to the user’s mobile device’s location. This game requires you to go to many places on the globe while having fun. You’ll need to fake Ingress if you want to play the game at home. The methods of Ingress Prime spoofing will be discussed in this post.

Ingress & Ingress Prime

It was the year 2015, and a smartphone game had gone viral in some parts of the world, with over seven million players and over eight million downloads. Of course, we’re talking about “Ingress,” the predecessor of smartphone augmented reality games that paved the way for the even more popular “Pokémon Go.” The spirit of both the first “Ingress” and “Pokémon Go” is maintained in “Ingress Prime,” where the goal is to take our smartphone out into the real world and visit parks, key sites of each city or region of the world, as well as collaborate with our team, or “faction,” to achieve the goals.


  • With a single click, you can modify the GPS location using longitudes/latitudes in seconds.
  • For location-based games and apps, this is the best option.
  • GPX files with bespoke routes on the map can be imported.
  • Keyboard and joystick movement are both available.
  • To deceive your pals, post the bogus location on social media.
  • Hide your true identity and whereabouts from the rest of the world.
  • Access to prohibited content from various countries is simple.

Risk of Ingress Spoofing

  • Virtually altering the location is always a possibility. As a result, every player should be aware of the repercussions of employing rogue GPS spoofing software. Players receive three levels of warnings from Niantic, informing them that they have been traced for GPS spoofing.
  • Niantic issues a warning message for the first time, which is effective for one week. This is the most basic degree of player punishment.
  • They will give a second warning and delete your account’s identification if you receive the first warning and make the same error again. You won’t be allowed to play until 30 days have passed since the notification.

How to Safely Spoof Ingress GSP

  • We discussed the repercussions of spoofing before. However, there are no risks if you do it right. Unlike previous Niantic games, Ingress Prime does not have many restrictions. We believe you will not face any permanent bans if you follow the guidelines below.
  • Use the location spoofer app only once or twice a day. What would happen is that your location would vary from time to time, and the system would flag your account if the distances between each location were too great.
  • As previously stated, it is critical to use high-quality software such as AnyGo to spoof your location. The app you’re using could result in a permanent ban.
  • It’s critical to keep your speed below 30 kilometers per hour. If your speed is unusual, the system will readily detect you.
  • Wait a few minutes between shifting places, especially if they are 10-20 kilometers apart, to avoid system detection. If you are in position A and then appear in site B, which is 20 kilometers away from A in seconds, it is obviously unnatural, and the system can identify it.