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PGSharp is a free Android software that lets you change your Pokémon GO GPS location. You can use this software to control the movement of your Avatar without really moving. Advanced features include variable walking speed, automated walking, and joystick support, all of which can assist you in catching Pokémon from the comfort of your own home. PGSharp is available for free download. The key it provides, on the other hand, has a time limit.

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What is PGSharp?

Pokémon GO, which debuted four years ago, is still one of the most popular smartphone games of all time. It features never-before-seen augmented reality while also bringing back memories of youth in the 1990s. While playing the game, you can find, capture, and train Pokémon that appear in your current area. The game does, however, have its limitations, as you must leave your house and travel around to meet different animals.

To address this issue, PGS Tech Ltd. created PGSharp, a utility tool that allows you to replicate your GPS location and movement. With its help, you may walk about without moving and catch several Pokémon quickly and simply. Because the software doesn’t limit the teleport distance, you can fake your way around the world while still sleeping in your bed. PGSharp has an auto-walk option, the ability to change walking tempo, and the ability to use a joystick in the most recent version.

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What may PGSharp users expect?

After downloading the PGSharp APK, you can immediately fake your location in Pokémon GO. A variety of extra features in the software make the game easier to play. You can find Pokémon that are ordinarily unavailable in your city or area by faking your location. Simply utilize the teleport mechanism to travel from one region to another.

PGSharp also allows users to change their avatar’s walking speed. By rotating the joystick around in this fashion, users can control the speed at which their character walks. The programme also has an auto-walk mode that comes in handy while you’re waiting for the eggs to hatch. This feature does not require the user to touch the joystick.

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Is PGSharp a safe program?

Downloading and using PGSharm is 100% risk-free. If you use PGSharp to fake your location, though, you can run into some issues. The reason for this is that the game’s developer, Niantic, is very concerned with providing a fair gaming experience to all players throughout the world. If it finds you using a spoofer app, it may ban your account from the app.

PGSharp prevents users from spoofing their location by requiring them to create a fake Pokémon Trainer Club (PTC) account. This ensures that if a person is banned, their main PTC account is not affected. To avoid attracting Niantic’s notice, users should not change their location on the map too frequently, according to the app.


Is PGSharp now available for free?

PGSharp is a free programme that allows you to play Pokémon GO from the comfort of your own home. There is also a premium edition of the app that supports up to two devices and contains features like Quick Catch, Skip Evolve, and Pokémon feed. The premium edition of PGSharp additionally supports the games Gotcha and Go Plus.

Pros & Cons


  • It’s completely free to download and use.
  • You have the option of faking your location.
  • It’s compatible with Pokémon GO.


  • It’s possible that your primary PTC account will be suspended.